JiT (Just in Time) Certification for ISO 13485

Reduce costly delays with ECM Direct, our international Go-to-Market service. If it is important for you to reach global markets with your products and reduce time to market ECM Direct makes sure you get access to all the relevant international markets.

Why Choose ECM Direct?

Market access is essential to every international business. It is more complicated than just choosing your sales channels. You also have to comply with a range of national regulatory requirements. Noncompliance may stop your product from being sold in some national markets. Alternatively, they may cause costly delays. With ECM Direct the approval process goes fast and smooth. As a result, you can reduce time to market and maximize revenue.

What do you get?

Networking and market knowledge are the keys to accessing markets with complex regulations. ECM’s international approval experts will take care of all the extensive paperwork. They will also contact the correct officials for the country in question to get your products approved for national markets all over the world.

Complete Services

Start your approval process with our world class testing services. Follow up with our seamlessly integrated certification services. Our testing and certification services provide the foundation for all international ECM go-to-market approval services. Use ECM for medical devices and almost any product.

Asia Market Access

ECM offer a variety of national certifications in Asia through our International Approval scheme. This covers mandatory national certification as well as voluntary certifications intended to demonstrate that your product has third-party confirmation. Experience shows this may help you access the markets you want. These are some of the countries covered by ECM:

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • India
  • Japan

Each market and each industry have specific requirements and preferences. Use ECM’s variety of certifications to demonstrate compliance.