JiT (Just in Time) Certification for ISO 13485

JiT – Just in Time: Time to Market Matters! Delivering CE Mark and ISO 13485 certification of medical devices in as little as 3 weeks

ECM is pleased to announce the release of our JiT (Just in Time) CE Mark and ISO 13485 Certification Service.

JiT is a unique CE Mark and ISO 13485 certification service. ECM’s JiT is an efficient, custom, and cost effectiveness service for CE Mark and ISO 13485 certification.

Receive CE Mark and ISO 13485 certification service – in a little as 3 weeks.

ECM’s tradition of innovation and support keep you ahead of the curve in obtaining CE  and ISO 13485 certification. Customization is the special sauce of our JiT service. Our unique model allows us to execute a customized program based on an understanding of your specific issues, expectations, and challenges.

JiT is the most effective and efficient CE and ISO 13485 certification service on the market today. JiT’s deep collaboration supports each customer in reaching their goals by providing unmatched quality resources.

ECM is committed to your satisfaction and ensuring your JiT – Just in Time experience is positive.

The JiT Service is:

The dedicated ECM’s Team of Experts: Project’s Chief, Assessor Technical File, Assessor Clinical Evaluation, Auditor QMS, Assessor Test Reports.

The Process

Week 1

Technical Documentation Review and Reports

Week 2

Audit onsite and open discussion

Week 3

Final Review and Certificate issuance

Contact us today to find out how ECM’s JiT service can get you to market faster.